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INSIDE is an annual glossy, 4-colour magazine published in A4 format. It’s the only local English-language publication to focus on the city's prime event – the Macau Grand Prix. It benefits from the insight of – and collaboration between – local journalists and sport analysts as well as the world's best motorsport journalists and photographers. Interviews, news reports, up-to-date profiles of noted entrepreneurs and incisive information are provided by a team of seasoned, well-established journalists and writers from the United Kingdom, Germany, United States, Singapore and Hong Kong.

INSIDE is also strongly supported by the government tourism departments of the Isle of Man and Northern Ireland due to its professional and incisive coverage of motorsport events. From its 150 pages in the 2010 issue, INSIDE also made comprehensive contributions to the annual Macau Grand Prix supplement published by the Macau Daily Times newspaper.

INSIDE presents coverage in a unique 'insider' format that enhances advertising as well as readership.

Publishing Team

  • Founder and Publisher - Stefan Kuehn
  • Editor-in-Chief - Mike Armstrong Chief
  • Photographer - Stephen Davison
  • Ass. Photographer - Simon Patterson & John Sanders


  • Macau Grand Prix Committee
  • Macau Grand Prix Museum
  • BMW Motorsport
  • TT Tourism & Leisure Department
  • Insights Unlimited
  • Asian Moto


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